1. I’ve been keeping tabs on Eric Costa- creator of eCsound for a while now. He’s been one of my favorite artists on Sound Cloud for a few years, and I think it’s safe for me to say that with every new track he posts- I get more and more wrapped up in the awe of his sound.

    It’s like this…

    Have you ever slipped into a dream and weren’t sure if you were awake or really asleep? Did you ever wish that the dream didn’t have to end? That you could just go on and on enjoying the peace that it brought?

    I often feel this way when I listen to Eric’s music, because it brings this wave of beauty and serenity with it that is hard to find. His sound is so consistent, and most tracks (tho delicate in approach) begin abruptly, as if to let you know- you’re right back where you left off each time you visit his page.

    I had the wonderful experience of working with Eric to do a remix to his song Day Dream. I was just traveling along Sound Cloud, searching for new artists and that’s when I stumbled along Eric’s page- I listened and was instantly transfixed. I had to do a remix. When it was completed, I realized that I needed to keep in touch with Eric, because our sound was so great together. I’m hoping to continue to work with him from time to time to create other lovely works in the future. You can listen to Eric’s original Day Dream track here: and the remix of Day Dream here:

    But just because he is so talented- don’t feel like you cannot get in touch with Eric to work with him on a track- he welcomes people to download, remix, and share his music for free just like I do. It’s a great opportunity to work with a very gifted artist.

    One of my favorite songs created by Eric is the song SlowRise. It’s a lovely adventure, that takes you far into the clouds and sails you over the most beautiful ocean sunsets…if you like to fly, you should come listen:

    Another favorite song of mine by eCsound is Deaden on my mind. This song is gorgeous- I highly recommend you check it out too.

    I often find that if I am having a stressful day, Eric’s music lifts me into serenity- it’s also great to fall asleep to.

    It’s been my pleasure to share with you one of my best kept secrets on the cloud (Sound Cloud.) The very gifted- Eric Costa from eCsound.

    Go now, and download all of his tracks and share them with your friends.

    If you’d like to check out more by eCsound you can visit him at the following links…





  2. I decided to create a new page where I write music reviews for other musicians- because I have had the lovely experience of people writing their own reviews about MY music, and it has really made me feel great to have that experience- so it is my goal to spread that awesomeness to other artists- especially those who are under the radar. 

    If you dont know already, I am a lofi musician who plays music under the names Yie Yie and Candle Bird. I’ve been playing and producing my own tunes for a few years now, sharing freely with others online, and I really love it as a great form of free expression. If you’re interested in checking out my songs, you can do so here:

    But this new endeavor isn’t about me- its about YOU! The Artist, the Listener…

    For me, music has always been a great way to share ideas and to connect to others. Music can be very personable and I think it’s very universal-  so why not share it more and more? That’s what my aim here is- to share my musical discoveries with you all!

    I’ll be perusing SoundCloud and Bandcamp in my search for incredible under the radar artists worth writing about.

    Thanks for stopping by, lets discover great tunes together and help support these great musicians!

    Look for my reviews in your feed, and on my main page under Love These Lyrics- Music Reviews Page!

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  4. You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too loud, too soft, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge.

    Apologize for mistakes. Apologize for unintentionally hurting someone — profusely. But don’t apologize for being who you are.

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  6. There’s something so wonderful about the simplicity that can be found in the songs of Carmensita Spue. One song that I like to listen to in particular is Distress of a Young Tree.

    I came across her music one day while perusing along SoundCloud, when I played Distress of a Young tree- my heart leaped! As I laid there in the sunny front yard last year, listening to my music feed on my laptop- I realized it was the perfect song for that exact moment in my life.

    Her vocals are very interesting to me, although to some she might not sound ” American-Idol trained” but to me her singing follows suit perfectly with her sound overall- its playful and FULL of emotion. For those who enjoy her music, they find it very rewarding and love it for what it is- HEART.

    A lot of her playfulness comes through on Distress of a Young Tree, but I have discovered that most of her emotions comes into play when you listen to Dont Destroy Your Feeling, which is a song she made with a musical counterpart. Together they have made a few songs on SoundCloud and they take the name P(L)AIN. That song is also a small masterpiece of feeling- raw in its entirety. It’s something that I find very appealing, this ability for her to just let it go and flow with it all in free form lofi wonder.

    If you haven’t had a chance to discover Carmensita Spue  you should come by and listen to her tunes on SoundCloud. Allow yourself to be open mined, and explore the imagination of self expression fully and unafraid- this is the magic of Carmensita Spue.

    Listen to Distress of a Young Tree here:

    Check out Carmensita Spue’s other tunes here:


  7. I dont know why, but whenever I listen to any song by Caalamus, I imagine myself in a dank metropolis, smoking a cigarette (I’ve never smoked) and hanging out by a foggy bridge or the train tracks. His tunes are so complex and yet there’s this feeling about them that puts you into a chill trance- almost like he knows a secret formula for making you CHILL OUT. (Which is never a bad thing!)

    Bioluminescent Phytoplankton is a part of his second full length album Equinox & the First Three Weeks of Axial Shift (a MUST listen) and it features his skillfully played flute- which you would think would clash with his urban/tribal trance sound- but it actually fits in perfectly. The first time I heard a flute on one of his tracks- I thought- YES it makes sense!

    This song has a lot of trance like tones that go well with the whole chill vibe going on, almost like Caalamus is asking you to pause and think about something. His voice also lingers on in various echoes on the track, naming off scientific facts and blurbs. Makes me think about being in a dope science class…

    So, if you’re ever looking to chill out with your green little microbe pals- give this song a listen, and check out his other tunes too- you wont be sorry you stopped by.

    Check out the rest of his discography here:


  8. Kinda been out of the loop and out of things for a long time I feel- I stepped away from a lot of things I enjoyed, and remembered that I used to be “this person.”

    I kinda think I’m starting to come back- starting to get involved again- yeah I think I can do it again….

  9. Whenever I listen to Fragment ll by Library Tapes, I think of you

    I think about the beauty beneath that died when you left (when I left)

    I think about that one butterfly that fluttered around our car- taking its last trip to the clouds before falling near my feet

    I think about all the holidays, ones with happiness and ones with tears

    I think about your voice, and how I can hardly remember it

    I think about what we were, what it is, and how it was

    I think about the weekend we took that trip, and you and I drove around the city and how I thought it would fix things, and that one picture of us and how it seemed like we were right

    I think about your face, and how the definition is slipping away, because you’re becoming this simple memory when all through the years you were my everything.

    I think about being alone, and about these tears running down my chin and hitting my knees, hot then cold

    Most of all, I think about what might have happened if I had tried harder

    Most days, I can barely stand to listen to this song, but I think I do it to make myself face you in my head, to somehow prove that I am sorry, and that I miss you, even though you never see it, and even though you’ve let it go

    I don’t think I will ever be able to let it go, because it meant something

    It was SOMETHING even if it didn’t work, we were once something

    I’m not meaning to re live hurt, or to hurt anyone

    I am trying to say that- I’ve missed you this year

    I think that’s fair


  10. Waiting to slip into the sea…

    Waiting to slip into the sea…

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  11. I’m starting to miss you again

    I’m starting to miss you again

  12. Because my hands remember touch, because these arms remember yours…

    Because my hands remember touch, because these arms remember yours…

  13. It isn’t enough for me to simply recognize when I doubt myself,
    for some reason I have to go over and over in my head why I am the way     I am.

    Why I am unhappy when I should be smiling.

    Why I react certain ways- with such a DEEP hurt showing on my face and in my eyes.

    When I begin to cry band then feel upset and frustrated with myself because I don’t think this is how things should go…

    I can’t really explain it, why I am this way.

    I cant really talk about it, because it honestly doesn’t seem to make much sense for me.

    I’m not ready to talk to you about it.    

  14. I’ll admit, that it still hurts…
Personal Photography
April 20, 2014

    I’ll admit, that it still hurts…

    Personal Photography

    April 20, 2014

  15. I’ll admit, that it still hurts…
-Personal photography
April 20, 2014

    I’ll admit, that it still hurts…

    -Personal photography

    April 20, 2014


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